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Fairmount is a renowned neighborhood on the near south side of Fort Worth. It is a historic district, as well, having one of the richest collections of turn-of-the-century homes in the nation. In all it covers about 1 square mile, with about 20 subdivisions that were layed out from 1883 to 1907. Although, some pre-war homes were built since then. When it comes to Fort Worth residential real estate, Fairmount comes chock full of history and amazing historical homes. Fairmount Fort Worth real estate gives us a glimpse at the past when the neighborhood was up and coming with successful businessmen, doctors, lawyers and educators making it home. Although, its population was diverse, including people such as masons and railroad workers. Homes styles that were the rage at the time are everywhere, including Craftsman. Fairmount TX homes for sale can often be found in that style. They range from bungalows to larger homes with over 2,000 sq. ft. of living space. With some homes for sale you can find the best of worlds with the whole complement of historic and updated features. Whatever their features, homes typically range in price from about $120K to $400K. They range in size from about 900 to well over 2,000 sq. ft., with 2 – 4 bedrooms. Although, some much larger homes with 4 – 8 plus bedrooms have been turned into multiple occupancy real estate.

A Closer Look at Fairmount TX Homes for Sale

The neighborhood’s popularity took a downturn after WWII, when dozens of other, new subdivisions and neighborhoods arose around Fort Worth. Thousands of people were drawn to the newer homes and family-friendly features of these residential areas. Fairmount tended to fall into disrepair, but thankfully a renaissance of sorts has taken place, and Fairmount Fort Worth real estate has found new life. Property owners have brought much restoration and revitalization to the area. That makes the historic, with an accent on modern a delight in gracious living for many.

Today the neighborhood includes a nice blend of some modern construction mirroring the old. The blend brings more choices to Fairmount TX homes for sale. It is quite possible to find a Victorian home with over 2,000 sq. ft. and 4 bedrooms recently built! In such a home, you can get all the classic combined with the modern features.

When it comes to the best of worlds, for those who find a revitalized historic district attractive, with the added benefit of being close to all the action of downtown, Fairmount Fort Worth real estate is for you. It’s sits just south of W. Magnolia Ave. Mistletoe Heights and Berkeley Place are just west. Ryan Place is south, and Terrell Heights is to the east. These sister neighborhoods have more early 20th century homes, with many updated, adding to an atmosphere of nostalgia and charm in the near south section of Fort Worth!

Fairmount TX homes for sale may include bungalows, larger homes, stately manors and homes converted to condos and apartments. Homes for sale offer not only desirable living, but close proximity to the Near South Side Medical District and Downtown employment centers.

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