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Hillcrest Fort Worth Homes for SaleHillcrest is a historic district in Fort Worth, Texas. It is located a bit southwest of downtown. It sits inside Camp Bowie Blvd.on the west and north, the I-30 on the south and Montgomery St. on the east. These roads form a right triangle with the Hillcrest district at its heart. At one time there were few roads like these, even as Hillcrest Fort Worth began to form. Hillcrest real estate evolved out of a suburban plan in the early 1900s. The plan brought neighborhood platting and a boulevard linking it to the downtown area. The neighborhood was called Chamberlin Arlington Heights. No houses were built though, and WWI brought construction of Camp Bowie to the area. It was built on land donated by Robert McCart. Utilities were put in place, including telephone lines by the military. When the war ended, the camp closed with utilities in place. New development followed in the 1920s and 30s, taking advantage of the build-ready area. Hillcrest was born. Today, Hillcrest Fort Worth homes for sale reflect the rich history with many original an remodeled homes from that time. Post WWII homes for sale can also be found in Hillcrest, since all remaining lots were filled after the war. Home styles in the district range from bungalows and brick and frame cottages to Tudors. Most homes have 3 bdrms. and roomy floor plans.

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The district puts residents just moments from the Fort Worth Cultural District on the east and downtown, just a quick drive up Camp Bowie Blvd. The boulevard’s red-brick pavement is one of the most striking features of the area. Although, many unique and charming homes in the Hillcrest real estate market take center stage. They feature lovely, well-kept yards and lots of shade trees in a residential enclave. They often feature car ports and detached garages. Their streets have a quiet, welcoming vibe.

Hillcrest Fort Worth homes for sale are as affordable as they are charming and nostalgic. Pricing ranges from about $150K to $500K plus. People interested can expect quality built into every home. They can expect quality of life with a suburban accent, while close to all the action. The Hillcrest District has many more pleasant surprises in store. Contact a Hillcrest real estate expert for full details. For details on other houses for sale in Fort Worth TX, browse www.kirkmcdonaldrealtors.com.

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