Major Bathroom Upgrading Spending Minor Time and Money

Major Bathroom Upgrading Spending Minor Time and MoneyWant to update your bathroom? Want to do that without breaking the bank? Let’s look at the one thing you can do that ‘brings it home’. In fact, it may be totally enough, depending on the bathroom. Yes, it is quite possible to do major bathroom upgrading spending minor time and money.  Just focus that change on the bathing area. For example, look at the tub. You may have a standard one, nothing special. Also, you may have an older type. Maybe a one-piece tub and wall unit. Whatever the case, it’s clear to you it just doesn’t make any particular, great impression. As a result, you’re ready to change to a bathtub that does.

Major Bathroom Upgrading Spending Minor Time and Money On What You Want

After eyeing plenty of photos of bathroom upgrades, you’re bound to see some that really make sense and look amazing. Doing your research and planning will in itself save a lot of time and money. Let’s say after mulling over your options, you choose a great tub, with Jacuzzi extras.

Here’s where you start making major changes, while saving lots of time and money. Take a look at your existing bathtub space. Select a Jacuzzi tub that fits in that space. In fact, there are quite a few Jacuzzi tubs that will. At the same time, they will likely be deeper and a few inches wider. Features all good and easy to work with. Now that you have that tub style pegged, you will also avoid major re-plumbing likely involved with something like a corner tub install.

Bathroom Upgrading - TilesYou might say that replacing the tub is great but how does that measure up to major bathroom upgrading spending minor time and money? Well, now you need to decide how you want the walls. You need to focus on the best functionality and look. You may want to add a level of stylish tile all the way to the ceiling. That makes sense especially when there’s a shower involved.

Research the look you want. Pick the most agreeable style. Also, if you have a window around the bath, you should plan a possible upgrade for it, especially if it’s outdated or worn looking.

Save Even More By Some Do-It-Yourself

When these upgrades are in place, they change everything hugely and for the better in a bathroom! Although, what’s going to save more time and money? You’re already working within the existing space. No bathroom expansion required. Now, while you should have the new tub installed by pros (reputable, local contractors), plan to install the tile and window change yourself. You’ll save lots on labor costs and scheduling delays. Plus, these steps can be fairly easy and fun. For example, with the window, you may only really need to replace the pane(s).

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